What is Vintage?

The definition of vintage, according to the Cambridge Dictionary is Used or second hand, but of good quality. Our definition of vintage is 25 years or older with some demand and value.

1903 may be the "newest vintage" out there, as items get older and scarcer they can hold resale value, if there is demand.  As more Baby Boomers retire and downsize, more vintage is in attics and basements than ever.  With the expected amount of people downsizing over the next 10 years, vintage will be plentiful and filling landfills everywhere.

Used, vintage, second hand, we try to give things a 2nd life at Vintage Garage Chicago.

If you have items from the 1920's to the 1980's and you aren't sure what to do with them, or you think they might be junk, don't hesitate to ask! CONTACT the Vintage Garage You may find you get a few bucks for items you thought were worthless.  

Don’t get a dumpster and put an entire estate into it.

CALL SOMEONE. Even if you want to just get rid of it, there are plenty that would take it and give it a second life. Keep more items in circulation and for longer. We all have small footprints, but all together, it's a LOT of stuff.

I've heard stories about what someone THOUGHT was junk and is long gone. Don't throw ANYTHING away. Ask first.

There will still be plenty to recycle and dispose of responsibly.

  People who are passionate about vintage would rather look than not.Don't be afraid to ask.

Vintage markets, antique malls, second-hand stores and flea markets are great places to hunt for vintage and antiques.  It is affordable and more unique than what you will buy at the mall brand new. We consider vintage to be anything 25 years or older with value. The 1990's are hot in the world of vintage.

More merchandise was made in the United States and Europe pre-1993. Post 1993, more items went to Asia for cheaper production.  You can generally find more items, well made from in the US and Europe pre-1990.

Items made 1990 and prior can be higher quality, but there is the nostalgia factor too.

1990 was the start of a new decade and awesome inventions like the Tamagotchi, Sky Dancers and American Girl Dolls.  Bop-It was a hot game with a great commercial and Lisa Frank ruled the little girl craft and the stationary world.

Clothing and fashion saw trends like jelly shoes, Doc Martens, scrunchies and whatever they were wearing on "Friends".

Other noteworthy 1990 events: McDonald's opened it's the first restaurant in Russia; popular baby names were Christopher and Michael for boys and Jessica and Ashley for girls; cell phones weren't readily accessible and those that were?  BIG.  There was no internet until mid 1990's.  We went to malls and movies to entertain ourselves.  Grunge was underway.

2022 seemed like a lifetime away.

Check below for info on vintage collectibles and vintage categories!

Happy hunting and look below for info on the Vintage Garage if you are in the Chicagoland area!

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