Vintage Christmas

Our October show is the one vendors hold their best Christmas vintage for!

Below are links to various vintage Christmas and holiday subjects! I will add more articles as we go in regards to collecting in various categories of antique and vintage Christmas!

One of my personal favorite collecting areas is ephemera including, Christmas cards, vintage Christmas wrapping paper and holiday postcards.

Midcentury modern Christmas is a RED hot collecting category as well.

THE BEST club to belong to is the Golden Glow.

Their information on antique and vintage Christmas is unlike any other. You can now access all back issues archived online. The best $50 you can spend a year if you love vintage Xmas, is on a subscription to the Golden Glow of Christmas Past,

Check them out for great articles including serious deep dives on all types of holiday collectibles. Belonging to their club is well worth it.  6 times a year I get a beautiful mini magazine where they share different areas of holiday collecting.

Vintage Christmas Decorations

Midcentury Christmas Cards

Collecting Vintage Santa

Vintage Christmas Trends