Vintage Christmas Trends 

We're seeing awesome vintage Christmas trends.  Mid-century holiday is still going strong.  Popular decorating items for the
season are from all eras but particularly the 1950's through the 1970's.

On to the Vintage Garage Holiday trends- here we go--

Vintage Holiday Gift Boxes

The vintage graphics make these so fun. Stacks of them look great together.  Also great for storing those precious vintage ornaments in the offseason. Nice and sturdy.  Incredible how you could get wonderful boxes with vintage holiday motifs.  Not like today for sure.  Marshall Fields holiday boxes are always the favorite.

Look for great condition, no dings or dents, bright colors!

vintage Christmas gift boxes collection with boxes from Marshall Field, Carsons and more.


Hotter than ever. Hard plastic hollow decorations, flip the switch and it lights up your lawn for the holidays!  Snowmen, Santas, Nativity, you name it! These are hot.  Reindeer, candy canes.  The only issue I personally have with blow molds is the amount of space they take.  If you've got the storage, these are a blast.

VINTAGE Chicago Holiday Market. Vintage Christmas with the Vintage Garage Chicago. Checking out the Santa blowmolds blow molds get more popular every year.

Santa Blowmolds

Vintage Glitter -- 1960's ornaments and figures decorated in glitter! The cuter and sparkly the better. The thicker the glitter? Ever better. Vintage glitter made of metal? Best.  Keep an eye out for the sparkle.

Gold glitter Vintage Christmas oranment at Vintage garage Chicago.

Vintage Snowmen

In packs or alone.  Snowmen are back. Frosty the Snowman started as a song in 1950.  A short film in 1954 by WGN in Chicago and then a TV special in 1969.  Many decorative holiday snowmen are not Frosty himself but many also are.  Snowmen or woman are great holiday decorations for everyone.

snowman Vintage Garage Chicago HOliday Market

Vintage Christmas Greeting Cards

I'm always on the look out for used or unused vintage Holiday cards.  The graphics and artwork are so cool.  It brings you back to a time where paper used for cards was substantial and were made with care.  Used cards are perfect for framing or decoration. Unused perfect for giving! I have a tough time actually signing it.  I usually use a post-it for a message inside so I don't mess it up. 🙂

Vintage snowman Christmas Card
Vintage snowman holiday card

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Vintage Christmas Trends
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