Our vendors search hard for pre-1980s goods to bring to the Vintage Garage Chicago flea markets each month.   You can always expect to find fresh-to-the-market merchandise, from vinyl records to vintage clothing, vintage dresses to Midcentury furniture and so much more.

We attract vintage sellers from all over the Midwest.  Dealers from Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana.  In April, we had a vendor all the way from San Francisco!

A great variety can be found.   Vintage furniture, industrial furniture, pop culture, comic books, books, kitsch, decor, Art, Danish Modern, vinyl lps.  They hunt for it and bring it to you the third Sunday each month in Uptown, Chicago.

Each month we average about 75 vendors.  We are basic, it's all about vintage! There's lots of great restaurants in Evanston, make a day of it!


Those who just enjoy unique items are welcome.

Interior designers and decorators, we hope to be your source for vintage Chicago flea markets!


Vintage Garage Chicago has 100 dealers selling vintage each month
Vintage Garage Chicago has 100 vendors of vintage clothing, jewelry, vintage furniture and more.
Donatella always brings the best in vintage clothing and jewelry.