Chicago Vintage Furniture

In Chicago vintage furniture is a fun hunt! It is a great place to seek out good quality vintage furniture. Antique markets, antique shop or malls are a good place to start. Vintage furniture offers more than just inexpensive options or going with the vintage trends. When it comes to furniture 25 years or older, you can still find solid wood pieces and pieces made in the United States or Europe. Chicago vintage furniture, Herman Miller slat bench, vintage furniture Chicago. Vintage Garage has vintage furniture, clothing, mid century and more Go back 50 years and it's harder to find things that were not made of solid wood and quality craftsmanship. This is when furniture was made to last for generations. Today, 50-year-old pieces still have another 50 years in them.

Customers are rescuing and restoring chairs, couches and tables every day. Midcentury Modern furniture has become the hottest trend in Chicago and beyond.  Good mid-range quality Midcentury furniture can outdo the quality of expensive brand new furniture today.

So many pieces are being updated and recovered in new and retro fabrics. Whether they are restored or used,  all original, vintage furniture rocks. There are many ways to acquire authentic vintage furniture in Chicago: vintage stores, antique markets, vintage shops, shows, flea markets and more! The Vintage Garage in Chicago is a market with 75 to 100 vintage vendors who come together to offer up all the vintage you can imagine.

Check out the shop vintage locally page for other vintage shopping locations on the north side of the city! If you would like to sell vintage at the Garage, APPLY NOW.

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