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In May we celebrate Midcentury!

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What is Midcentury Modern?

The Vintage Garage Celebrates Midcentury Modern in May! We start our themes on Sunday, May 15 and there’s no better way to kick them off than with Midcentury Modern. Have great Midcentury Modern or vintage you’d like to sell? Click here to APPLY NOW!  The 2016 Vintage Garage season is underway!

Mid Century Modern at the Vintage Garage Chicago

Midcentury Modern Homes

Midcentury Modern in Chicago May is Midcentury Modern month at the Vintage Garage. Since the north shore of Chicago has some of the most amazing Midcentury architecture, we decided an unauthorized tour would be a good way to get started! We dusted off the 66 Econoline and headed out, starting

Vintage Garage Chicago 2015 Father's Day show June 21

Father’s Day in Chicago, Vintage Garage Style

Father’s Day is also Record Ramp day at the Vintage Garage. Need an idea on how to spend Father’s Day with your dad? Bring him to The Vintage Garage on June 19th! There’s no better spot for him to replace the records Grandma sold at her yard sale, or to find that special album of his you

Schlep at the Vintage Garage Chicago, Uptown


Schlep is the Official Delivery Service of the Vintage Garage! We are excited to have Schlep Chicago join us at the Vintage Garage this season! An on-demand hauling service, Schlep solves the problem of how to get that must-have piece of furniture from the Vintage Garage to your home. Schlep’s vetted

Narrative Mercantile at the Vintage Garage Chicago

Sell at the Vintage Garage

 2016 Vintage Garage Chicago Application The 2016 Vintage Garage season is underway! Don’t miss a thing. Click here to get the latest vintage updates! Apply for the May Vintage Garage now!  Spaces are assigned when payment is received. First come first serve. We do not give out space assignments until

Narrative Merchantile at the Vintage Garage Chicago

Narrative Mercantile Vintage

Antique Fashion & Accessories Narrative Mercantile has their own opinion on what’s cool. When I see their latest goods each and every month, it’s all different, yet I know it’s them! Narrative Mercantile is a husband and wife team based in Chicago. Each month they bring you a curated collection of

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