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Collecting vintage tips and tricks

Tips for Collecting Vintage

Tips for Beginner Collecting and Advanced Collectors too! Tips for Collecting Vintage A few simple tips for collecting and getting your collection exactly where you want it!  Collect what you love and enjoy Use it, wear it, hang it on the wall don’t hide it Buy the best quality you can

We now accept Litecoin at Vintage Garage Chicago! Our customers know that vintage is cool and so is cryptocurrency. Buy the old with the new.jpg #LTC Bitcoin

Pay With Litecoin at Vintage Garage Chicago!

Chicago’s Vintage Garage Now Accepts Litecoin The Venue’s 75+ Businesses & Thousands of Customers Can Now Reap the Benefits of Cryptocurrency CHICAGO, IL [ July, 9 2018] – Vintage Garage, Chicago’s largest Vintage Market, is announcing today that it now accepts Litecoin as an official form of payment. With thousands

Vintage Garage Chicago's vintage clothing street style fashion.

Vintage Garage Chicago Flea Market Vendors

Join our email for the latest! Our vendors search long and hard for pre-1980s goods to bring to the Vintage Garage Chicago flea markets each month.   You can always expect to find fresh-to-the-market merchandise, from vinyl records to vintage clothing, vintage dresses to Midcentury furniture and so much more.

First Time to a Flea Market?

Join our email for the latest! Flea Market Dying to go to a flea market and not sure where to start? I understand your excitement! It’s a great time and you can find some amazing bargains.   There are a few types of flea markets. Some are complete variety with everything