Vintage Garage Chicago August 20

Vintage Wedding is the extra vintage bonus this month!

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Vintage Garage Chicago is Chicago's only all vintage market in the Uptown Neighborhood in Chicago. August we check out vintage weddings!

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Sell at our August 20 show! All categories of vintage wanted-

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Vintage Garage Chicago Vintage Wedding ideas vintage crates
Our customers visit us and wear their best vintage dresses on sunday
Midcentury Wedding ideas at the Vintage Garage in August!
2017 Flea market schedule at the Vintage Garage Chicago.

2017 Vintage Garage Schedule

Get Tickets Here! 2017 Flea Market Schedule The Vintage Garage is back!  Here is the 2017 Flea Market schedule- We are excited to add new theme in August, a whole new added theme bonus, Vintage Wedding!   May 21 – Midcentury Modern June 18 – Record Ramp & Father’s Day

Midcentury Wedding ideas at the Vintage Garage in August!

Vintage Wedding !

New for August Brand new THEME. Each month we have an extra added bonus theme!   All varieties and categories are always represented, but August 20 we start VINTAGE WEDDINGS!  2017 will be our first year for vintage weddings as the August theme.   All of your favorite vendors will

Vintage Garage Vintage sellers vendors

Vintage Garage Chicago Flea Market Vendors

Our vendors search long and hard for pre-1980s goods to bring to the Vintage Garage Chicago flea markets each month.   You can always expect to find fresh-to-the-market merchandise, from vinyl records to vintage clothing, vintage dresses to Midcentury furniture and so much more. We attract vintage sellers from all over


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