Record Ramp Vintage Garage Chicago October Uptown. Chicago Vintage Flea Market featuring, Vintage clothing, vintage furniture, vinyl, midcentury modern and so much more!

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Crowd shot at the Vintage Garage Chicago flea market 2017.

Vintage Garage Schedule

Get Tickets Here!  Vintage Garage Chicago Flea Market 2017 Schedule The Vintage Garage Chicago Flea Market 2017 is almost over, only 1 more shows this season! October 15 – Season Finale & Record Ramp November 15 to 19 – Vintage Garage Chicago Holiday market on Past events, Vintage Garage

Vintage Garage Chicago, how to buy the best vintage 50 tips. 5051 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60040

Season Finale, October 15

Season Finale Vintage Garage 2017 This is going to be the coolest season finale of the Vintage Garage yet!!  The cover art. The classic music. The distinctive sound. Vinyl is back!  While all categories of vintage are represented, vinyl is the bonus.  Serious music lovers look for the sound that

Vintage Garage Vintage sellers vendors

Vintage Garage Chicago Flea Market Vendors

Our vendors search long and hard for pre-1980s goods to bring to the Vintage Garage Chicago flea markets each month.   You can always expect to find fresh-to-the-market merchandise, from vinyl records to vintage clothing, vintage dresses to Midcentury furniture and so much more. We attract vintage sellers from all over