The Vintage Garage is all about Midcentury Modern in May!

We start our themes on Sunday, May 21.  There's no better way to kick them off than with Midcentury Modern!

Make sure you get to the bottom for resources on collecting Midcentury modern.

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What is Midcentury Modern?

The Midcentury era is generally accepted as the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's. A sleek modern design brought us from kitsch to a cleaner, more modern look.

Midcentury is simple and sleek. On the high end. the designs can be timeless.

Midcentury kitsch, while still from the Midcentury, is not always modernist. There is a difference.

Midcentury modern isn't just furniture. It's lighting, art, clothing and home & office decor. You can create a lifestyle that revolves around Midcentury Modern.

MCM is hot in the vintage collecting world. The best names in Midcentury furniture and decor, like Herman Miller, Curtis Jere, George Nelson, Arne Jacobsen and Knoll, are sought after by collectors today. So many other makers followed the leaders and consequently the choices in authentic MCM are plentiful. Not to mention, available in all price ranges and quality levels.

Midcentury Modern is hot at the Vintage Garage Chicago. 3rd Sunday in May, Uptown.

Midcentury Modern in Chicago

Chicago's Midcentury modern architecture is second to none.  Mies van der RoheEdward Humrich, the Keck and Keck Brothers and Edward Dart are a few of the names that were big on the scene. Finding their homes and buildings can be quite a treasure hunt.  

If you click on the architects' names above, you'll be taken to a photo of one of their best Midcentury Modern creations in the Chicagoland area.  The Marina Towers, designed by Bertrand Goldberg, are a personal favorite.  

Midcentury Modern at Vintage Garage
We have a solid collection of Midcentury, as well as all eras, for sale each month at the Vintage Garage. However, the May 21st show will feature that extra Midcentury modern boost, with dealers pulling out all the stops and bringing their best to the market. Some will even dress in their best MCM outfits!

It's incredible how Midcentury items have stood the test of time. They're still current today, in 2017. Trends like drinking all day in the office, a la "Mad Men", is something hard to keep up with, but it's fun to try.


Vintage Garage Chicago flea market, located Uptown.


Midcentury Modern Wikipedia

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