3 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE I Became a Vintage Seller

Donatella and Karyn Dethrow at Vintage Garage Chicago.

When I started selling vintage in 1999, I had no idea what i was doing. ¬†Selling online was new and I was learning as I went. ¬†Here are 3 things I wish I’d figured out sooner. 1. Storage and vehicles get small fast In 2000 we bought a Subaru Forrester,

Vintage Christmas Trends 2019

Vintage Kitschmas silver angel ornament modernist ornaments and bottle brush wreaths. Vintage Christmas at Vintage Garage Chicago.

Vintage Christmas Trends 2019 We’re seeing awesome vintage Christmas trends for 2019. ¬†Mid-century holiday is still going strong. ¬†Popular decorating items for this season are from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. On to¬†the Vintage Garage Holiday trends- here we go– Vintage Holiday Gift Boxes The vintage graphics make these so

How Antique Values are determined

vintage Garage Chicago antique appraisal fair August

Antique Values How much is this worth? ¬† This question is often asked, then answered. ¬†Antique values and vintage values can vary greatly. ¬†Items don’t generally have set prices. ¬†You can’t order them from a catalog where there’s a choice of different size or color. ¬†You can’t purchase them in

Vintage Elves on a Shelf Made in Japan Elf on a Shelf

Vintage Garage Holiday Market Evanston

Vintage Pixie Elves Vintage Christmas elves for decor has been happening since the 1960’s.¬† The craze of hiding an elf in the house and having kids find it? That’s new.¬† The book Elf on a Shelf¬† is based on the millions of elves and pixies produced in Japan after World