Vintage Pixie Elves

Vintage Christmas elves for decor has been happening since the 1960's. 

The craze of hiding an elf in the house and having kids find it? That's new.  The book Elf on a Shelf  is based on the millions of elves and pixies produced in Japan after World War II.  Our kids don't know it, but the original Christmas elves are hot on the secondary vintage market.

A search for vintage Christmas ornaments on Ebay proves that something mass produced and cheap can turn into a hot collectible AND a new tradition.  NEW elves that look like the vintage ones are perfect for scaring little kids as well as keeping the theme of a vintage Christmas.  But we prefer the authentic vintage ones. They hold their value.

Vintage ones are often referred to as “knee huggers”. There are some styles people will pay HUNDREDS of dollars for!  Many start at about $6. But specific elves can go as high as $100!  Find one with secondary embellishments and glitter or colors besides red and green? More dollars.

There’s an elf with little devil horns and a knee hugger.  All by himself? He's around $70. 

Production in Japan was known for being cheap and not made with the highest quality materials, but many survived.  I'd check Mom and Dad's basement for these. Don't toss them, especially if they are in good condition.  If they aren't?  Most aren't worth trying to save, sadly.

Here are a variety of elves all vintage, keep your eyes open and pay as little as possible! With so much variety it's a great new collection of old school Christmas.

Find plenty of these cuties at our Vintage Holiday Market <---- click for more info!

Elf on a Shelf, 3 vintage elves, made in Japan as knee huggers. This guy is swinging on a swing dressed in green and red.
Elf on a Shelf, Not all vintage elves are knee huggers. These vintage christmas tree ornaments are waiting to be strung on your vintage aluminum Christmas tree.
Elf on a Shelf, 3 vintage elves, made in Japan as knee huggers! Elf on a drum and other vintage ornaments like Santa and a snowman with bristle brush trees.
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Elf on a Shelf, vintage Christmas decor made in Japan as knee huggers!
Vintage Garage Chicago Holiday Market
Vintage Elves on a Shelf Made in Japan Elf on a Shelf
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