Vintage Style

No one has style like the Vintage Garage customers.

They've come for 7 seasons and found some of the greatest vintage clothing, vintage dresses, accessories, you name it!

The outfits, the eye. I can never believe what they've found when I see it.  I'm always kicking myself. Why didn't I see that?  Or Where was that hiding??  I love the attention to detail. No one cares more about vintage outfits like our people. It's one of the few places you can get totally decked out AND appreciated for it.

It's been a wild ride and a great one. Check out some of the great fashion from the past 7 seasons.

We'll miss you.

More about the final show HERE just click

Info on our upcoming Holiday Market on December 1 Here

Info on the Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show click HERE

Vintage 1940's is really hard to find, yet we see lots of it walk in the door.  1950's fashion is more upbeat and happy. Good times when women got dressed up every day.  Even their house dresses were gorgeous.  1960's things get a little funkier. Stripes, plaid, Twiggy.  1970's vintage is more avocado.  Need I say more?  1980's is the up and coming fashion era BUT 1990's style has raced ahead of the 80's in popularity.  1990's had less shoulder pads, big hair and was a bit less, loud.

At every single show over the last 40 shows, I could have found something amazing from each of these eras. The pieces that came through and went into the hands of those who love it most is incredible.

Thank you all. It's been such an adventure.

Vintage Garage Chicago Style Vintage Fashion.
Vintage Garage Chicago Style Vintage Fashion.
Vintage Garage Chicago Style Vintage Fashion.
Vintage Garage Customers Have the BEST Vintage Style
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