Chicago Flea Market Finds

The season has FLOWN by again.  Season 6 comes to an end October 15.  We've got some surprises coming and this will be our biggest show EVER.

BUT let's get back to the September show and my flea market finds. 

September is one of my favorite months because I LOVE retro Chicago stuff.  Retro Chicago is the theme so dealers spend time hunting for and socking away vintage Chicago stuff.

I always spend some time adding to my collections.  I picked up a few new Chicago postcards, Marina Towers (first in my collection) and a great shot of the Water Tower.  See below.  Chicago World's Fair is fun for me and I have a great collection of jewelry and I added a black compact from Vicker Vintage Chicago  which is super cool.  Then from Bathing Beauty Antiques the best American Airlines vintage ticket, Chicago to San Francisco from 1959.  All the bits are there, from the tickets for the Boeing 707 ride to the luggage tags.  $89 round trip and what a trip it must have been. I love to find pieces of history that were treasured and I think about how amazing a 707 in 1959 must have been.  

Next, onto another collection-  I got the greatest pair of Oscar De La Renta Sunglasses from Darko Micic, green and a perfect fit!  Kept moving and saw something interesting to me.  I stopped and found all this Chinese type set I believe it's made of lead.  I'd had to think they are for printing Chinese newspapers.  2 boxes and a tray.  They weigh a TON.  I have no collection to add these to but they certainly make a collection of their own. 

I need to get back to work on October but didn't want to get too far away from my September show finds. 

The October show is the season finale and we celebrate VINYL!  Chirp Radio is joining us and helped launch our first Record Ramp back in 2012.  We'll have more surprises too! 

What did you find in September? Show me in the comments! 


Chicago flea market. Antique show. World's fair compact from Vintage Garage Chicago in Black, what constitutes vintage?
Vintage Green Oscar de la renta vintage sunglasses from Vintage Garage Chicago!
Chicago vintage postcards featuring Marina Towers and Water Tower downtown in Chicago. Found at Vintage Garage Chicago.
Chinese typeset lettering Chinese letters flea market finds at Vintage Garage Chicago.
American Airlines Vintage Paper Ticket 707 Flagship
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