Saturday Evening Girls

Friday's are my day for hunting. The big neighborhood church sale was happening about a mile down the road on this Friday.  I got up early, it was pouring rain so the crowds were light.  I found myself in the treasure room and as the ladies added me up, I decided to do another sweep.

I spotted this sweet little pitcher and something about it spoke to me.  For $2 it was worth taking home.

The pattern around the rim reminded me of something from back in my pottery and china days.  In no time at all, I found out this piece is by the Paul Revere Pottery company!   The company got it's name for sitting within the shadow of the church Revere's lantern was hung on.

The Saturday Evening Girls ( SEG) was a library reading group for Jewish and Italian immigrant girls. Paul Revere Pottery was established to give the older girls work that needed it in a safe environment.  This went on from 1908 to 1942.

This Boston pottery was a huge part of the Arts & Crafts movement and are highly collectible today.  Rare pieces can fetch thousands.

There's a bit of rim damage to my little lotus decorated pitcher.  It could probably be restored but I'm keeping this one just like I found it.   Finding any SEG piece in the wild in any condition is close to a miracle today.


Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Saturday Evening Girls pitcher


Saturday Evening Girls Pitcher
SEG faint mark at 11 o'clock  

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