Vintage Chicago Flea Market

Seeing Vintage Garage Chicago in a news spot always seems unreal.

It's humbling.   I can't believe our little vintage market is on the local news and in Chicago no less!

When WGN asks us to be a part of a local tv pilot, a real show?  Yes!

Check out our segment on SEEChicago below!

I grew up in the northern Detroit suburbs.  In the 6th grade, (early 1980's) my Grandparents moved to the Chicago suburbs.

We visited often.  The most exciting thing for me was being close to the city.

My Bumpi would happily take us to Michigan Avenue.  Water Tower Place, Marshall Fields, etc. He loved the Science and Industry Museum and because of it, so do I.  We always listened to WGN Radio or WGN was on TV.

I'm excited for people to see what this vintage Chicago flea market is all about!   I'm proud to show off the empty parking garage Uptown, that has comes to life once a month for the past 7 years.  That life comes from dedicated and colorful vintage vendors who swarm in with their goods each 3rd Sunday.

THEY bring in the customers from all up and down the Redline in Chicago. Not to mention those who come from the suburbs and spend the day with us.  We are honored. Thank you.

Thank you SEEChicago! 
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Vintage Garage Chicago makes it’s TV Debut