Vintage Garage July 16

There will be 75 different vendors selling vintage goods at the July Vintage Garage.  We have a wide variety of items, including vinyl records, vintage clothing, denim, midcentury modern housewares, and art.  If we have rain or poor weather?  Don’t worry. No matter the weather, we’ve got you covered here!

Vintage Christmas Trends

Vintage Kitschmas silver angel ornament modernist ornaments and bottle brush wreaths. Vintage Christmas at Vintage Garage Chicago.

Vintage Christmas Trends  We’re seeing awesome vintage Christmas trends.  Mid-century holiday is still going strong.  Popular decorating items for the season are from all eras but particularly the 1950’s through the 1970’s. On to the Vintage Garage Holiday trends- here we go– Vintage Holiday Gift Boxes The vintage graphics make these

How Antique Values are Determined

vintage Garage Chicago antique appraisal fair August

Antique Values How much is this worth?   This question is often asked, then answered.  Antique values and vintage values can vary greatly.  Items don’t generally have set prices.  You can’t order them from a catalog where there’s a choice of different size or color.  You can’t purchase them in

Vintage Garage October Season Finale

Vintage Garage October

Vintage season is winding down BUT we’ve got one more big one before we go. Join us for the Vintage Garage October edition where you’ll find a completely FRESH batch of vintage goods from 75 incredible vendors. Vintage clothes, vintage furniture, midcentury modern, art, PLUS all the vintage Christmas and