Vintage Design Trends Fall 2016

Check out what we are seeing vendors featuring at the Vintage Garage Chicago this summer and our predictions for vintage design trends for fall!

1. Mis-matched sets

Matchy-matchy is boring.  If you are putting together a new bedroom, don't go for the whole matching set.  Pick piece by piece. Side tables, trunks a small desk.  With so many solid wood vintage furniture pieces out there you can do incredible things with. The price is right too! Most unsigned solid wood side tables are under $150.

Vintage design trends from Vintage Garage Chicago

2.  Vintage Wallpaper

One wall of the perfect vintage wallpaper can make a real statement.  It's not easy to find but it's out there.  I promise you won't find anyone else with the same!

Vintage Wallpaper at Vintage Garage Chicago.
1950's guest bathroom wallpaper

3.  Vintage houseplants

Terrariums and houseplants are back!  It's very easy to find the perfect vintage thing to plant or house flowers in.  It's also fun to rescue old houseplants from estate sales and give them new life and a new home.  Vintage gardening and plants are hot.  Winters in Chicago are long and cold. Having some green you can bring inside with you can help shake those winter blues.

Vintage houseplants are coming back! Find terrariums and plants at Vintage Garage Chicago. Part of the 2016 vintage design trends

4. Vintage Area Rugs

The quality and uniqueness in a vintage or antique rug can't be matched today.  Look for great design, a little patina and a little wear.  Rugs of yesteryear were made quite well.  Where can your dinner guests get one?  Tell them to get hunting.

Vintage area rugs are in for 2016 fall trends. Shown was Vintage Garage Chicago.
Vintage Garage vendor Elrugan 

5. Vintage or Antique Vases

A vintage McCoy pottery vase or a Steuben glass vase, filled with flowers, both can be gorgeous in any room.  Art pottery vases, crystal vase, Murano glass vase, so many great vintage pieces to choose from.  I'd never buy anything new like this.  To many really great vessels for flowers exist from the past to bother with anything new.

Vintage vases are perfect to have on hand for flowers!

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Vintage Garage Chicago is a Chicago flea market on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
Vintage Garage Chicago is a Chicago flea market on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
Vintage Garage Chicago Flea Market Vintage Clothing and shopping. July is all about vintage fashion!
Vintage Design Trends Fall 2016