Vintage Garage Appraisal Fair August

Vintage Garage Chicago hosted its first appraisal fair at the August 22nd show.  Customers were asked to bring in any items they were curious about.  Check out a few of our appraisal fair favorites below.

We will hold the Vintage Garage appraisal fair on September 18 and October 16 from 12pm to 4pm.  1 free item with paid admission!  Special guest Michael Osacky of evaluates all kinds of pre-1970's sports items.


A record player for vinyl 45's, but not your average player.  You would install this in your vehicle so you could play all your singles.  This one was new old stock.  Never installed.    To a hungry collector who wants a mint condition player, $500 - $750.  I still couldn't help but wonder how that sounded in stop and go traffic.  Scratching your records up.  No wonder these are rare!  It's a wonderous find!


Beatles 1960's 45 record container in Lime green. Great condition, on Ebay, around $100 after fees and such.  The original owner brought it in.  The coolest thing was that inside it was full of 45's!  All from then, she forgot they were even in there.    "We got so excited we forgot to get pics! Rolling Stones, Beatles, Hawaiian music.  The stack was worth more than the container!" Said, Melissa Sands of Vintage Garage Chicago.

Beatles green 45 record holder container brought into Vintage Garage Chicago. Appraisal Fair.
Beatles 45" vinyl record holder

Jewelry, art, a World's Fair souvenir box and more were seen throughout the afternoon.  Next month will  include Michael Osacky of  He specializes in sports memorabilia.  You can bring in your antique or vintage items for evaluation on September 18th and/or October 16th,  12pm to 4pm.

Next was a vintage butterfly necklace.  Found to be made with D&E molds but not by D&E the famous maker of Juliana Jewelry.  Check it out here on this site for collectors of "Juliana" jewelry.  Images 41 & 42.

D&E Juliana Butterfly necklace. Vintage 1970's or 1980's. Vintage Garage favorite appraisal fair.

Vintage Garage Chicago August Appraisal Fair
Vintage Garage appraisal fair

Check here for more info on the monthly appraisal fair

One free appraisal with every paid $5 admission.  Bring in items you can carry.  No furniture.  Vintage jewelry, art, clothing, accessories, pottery, glass, china, knick-knacks, sports memorabilia and more.  September 18 and October 16.

Vintage Garage Chicago is a Chicago flea market on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
Vintage Garage Chicago is a Chicago flea market on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
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Vintage Garage appraisal fair favorites – August