The wonderful graphics of postcards and greeting cards catch me every time.

This page features some of my best vintage Easter postcards.

Even after 100 years the colors are as bright and vibrant as they were then.  Some of my favorites are below.

From left to right here's a little info on each.

Row 1

  • Sheep drinking from stream with gold leaf.  Made in Germany, postmarked 1912.
  • Boy with 2 bunnies, made by AMP Co. Postmarked 1910.
  • Angel with sheep and glitter accents.  Made in Germany and a small makers mark ASB. No postmark

Row 2

  • Chick with egg.  Marked AMF co series 105 G.  Postmarked 1911
  • Raised puffy decoration with bird and flowers, Made in Germany.
  • Easter eggs and pussy willows. Postmarked 1907 only marking is Ser 320 on front.

Row 3

  • 2 bluebirds with eggs and flowers B.W. Easter Printed in Germany, postmarked 1909
  • Rooster and Hen this one is so good.  Made in Germany postmarked 1910
  • Rabbit and chick,  a small circle and triangle mark on front, Easter Series No. 37 postmarked 1914

Row 4

  • Wanted to show the back of this one, a great advertising postcard from Detroit, 1910.

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