Duane Waller of Starburst Audio has been reviewing the shows from behind the scenes for a few seasons now.

It's always honest and entertaining.

I wanted to share his very last review as they won't be there in October.

Thanks for being there, we'll miss you!

OK KIDS!! Last one for us, glad we got to see everyone and chit-chat during a gorgeous weather day for the Garage.

Let's see, what did we notice this time around:

-Sold stuff we never thought would sell, AGAIN
-Didn't sell stuff we thought would 'fly off the shelf'.
-Garlic stank started at 9AM, stopped at 9:15 (at least it did to my nose). SHORT GARLIC DAY.
-MOSQUITOS????? They were saying "Hi" early in the morning, that was a first.
-Big thanks to Courtney Laper for getting some great group shots! You're the best Courtney!!
-In the 4 years we've done the garage, we never bothered to look at the ceiling. Well, we did, and dang are there a lotta spider webs.
-Musical Observation #1: people shake their booty to Whitney's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" more than almost any other song.
-Musical Observation #2: People shake a little booty to Janis' "Me and Bobby McGee"
-Musical Observation #3: Not surprisingly, little to no booty shakin' for Black Sabbath's "Paranoid".
-Most Adorable goes to a young girl who ran into our booth and started petting one of our ceramic doggie planters.
-Bell bottoms get REALLY REALLY DIRTY, FAST.
-Favorite record buyer; guy who bought "Rave Up With The Yardbirds".
Didn't care if the LP sounded good or not, just wanted to jacket because it was the very first album he had ever bought.
-Least favorite record buyer: Guy who talked his lady friend OUT of buying Meatloaf-Bat Out of Hell (awesome album) and INTO buying Alan Parsons Project-Turn of a Friendly Card (not nearly as awesome).
-Gonna be sad not to see all of our great booth buddies next month, but we're hoping to make it out to shop the show.

Hope we can all meet up again and do what we all do best; see y'all down the road Lisa GalvanMarcee McGinnis WilliamsSylvia D. MooreHelene VickerWrigley BlessingShana Preiner-LaroccaKirk WilliamsonPaul DegenDon Colclough and anyone I missed.


Vintage Garage Chicago last show season finale, vintage for sale!
Vintage Garage Chicago last show season finale, vintage for sale!
Vintage Garage Chicago last show season finale, vintage for sale!
Starburst Audio’s Final Review of Vintage Garage – September
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