What is the true definition of vintage clothing?

Vintage fashion is hot.

Vintage style, retro style? That may not be authentic vintage. It may be brand new intended to have a vintage look.

What makes it authentic vintage clothing?

  1. The age of the piece needs to be from 1993 or prior to be considered vintage.
  2. It must have demand aka someone is willing to pay for it.
  3. It’s all original from the time period. Meaning, it isn’t new, like tops connected to vintage skirts to create a new type of design. Though it could be cool, that’s not the true definition of vintage clothing.

Age alone doesn’t equal vintage.

if there is no demand and no one is willing to buy it then it’s age doesn’t matter. It has to tie in all three together to be considered the definition of vintage clothing.

We consider anything 25 years or older with value, demand and authenticity to be vintage.

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3 things to know about vintage clothing. 

#1 across the board more clothing in 1990 and prior was made in America or Europe
#2 Number two they are made with higher quality materials.
#3 there Is significant cost savings versus what you can buy at the store today With higher quality materials.

I've heard from plenty of people that they don’t want to wear anyone else’s old clothes. Buying something new doesn’t mean that it’s created by pure white clean fairies who then bring it over and put it on you. It comes from another country far away and by the time it is on the rack you have no idea who’s worn it or done with whatever to it. So what do you do when you get, vintage or new, you wash it.

You can give vintage clothing a second life and hold its value if you treat it right.

Our July show we usually honor vintage clothes. It's time to show it off.  Our people love to get dressed up to come to the market. No one appreciates it more than us. But regular clothes are good too, just come!

If you want to learn more about Vintage clothing it’s definitely the show for you! 
The dealers are happy to talk to you about it it’s their favorite subject, mine too!
Don't ever hesitate to contact if you have questions!

P.S. - In addition to Vintage Garage Chicago, don't forget to put the Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry on your calendar!

Definition of Vintage Clothing from Vintage Garage Chicago! "
Definition of Vintage Clothing from Vintage Garage Chicago! "
Definition of Vintage Clothing from Vintage Garage Chicago! "
What is the Definition of Vintage Clothing?
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