Since we saw you last in December 2019, so MUCH has happened.

First, I hope everyone is OK.  It’s been tough, I know.  How we operate and what’s important to us has changed in many cases. 

You’ve likely heard about the shortages of everything from cars, to furniture to home decor. 

With the onset of the pandemic, our homes suddenly and unexpectedly became our everything.  Being safe and comfortable became more important than ever. There was a surge in sales of home goods and services – mattresses, furniture and everything else that made our homes more liveable. Today, there’s still a shortage of all types of goods because of complex supply chain issues.

But, there’s no shortage of vintage and second-hand goods. Solid wood pieces of furniture go for a fraction of what you’d pay for something new and of lesser quality made today. Craftsmanship still matters and gets harder to find…except at places like Vintage Garage Chicago.

Retail is dying. Malls are closing. Shopping has been reinvented online. Personally? I love that Amazon can drop off what I need when I need it.  But I also love things I can’t get on Amazon.

BUT, in specialty goods, like we have at Vintage Garage?  There are only 3 days a year where you’ve actually got to come and be with us in person.  There’s amazing vintage lighting, furniture, clothing, kitsch, rugs, music, electronics and more. You aren’t getting any of this from Amazon. 

Over the past 18 months, I’ve thought about the uniqueness of our event. A group of dedicated and passionate vendors who offer shoppers an amazing array of hand-picked vintage goods in a relaxed, convenient and friendly environment. Rarely will you see the same thing twice and each month, every booth is completely fresh.  I’m excited to have everyone back together and in person. 

Vintage is…unique, cost-effective, nostalgic, comforting, and HOLDS its value.

We’re excited for our 2021 season opener on July 18th and can’t wait to see you again!

Melissa and Jim 🙂

We’re Back July 18!!
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