2021 Vintage Garage Review

A whirlwind 2021 vintage season is almost done!  

Hard to believe we were back in business and flew into action and it’s almost over already!   3 really solid markets and one to go! It’s been a great season and I’ve felt more energized that in a long time. I still LOVE vintage and there was a part of me that was afraid I didn’t anymore. 

At the end of 2019, I was about done. 

I didn’t feel well physically (we find out why later) or mentally.  Retiring sounded great.  I took a mental break but the Clothing and Jewelry Show was coming fast (March 2020).  I’d been working it. The show was full, ready to go and……. covid rug pull. 

Now what?

Every week, I’d say, we’ll know more next week. We waited.  It was weird. Then it was Fall and Madeline, our daughter, was going away to college.  I still wasn’t feeling good but kept pushing it to the back of my mind.  When I started to have pain and fever we went to the ER.  I spent the next 10 days recovering from a dangerous surgery that saved my life and then went home to recover more before a second surgery to put me completely back together.  The good news is, I’M GREAT, fully recovered. Grateful to be here. 

Never did I expect it would be 2021 before we’d see you in person again.  

Since we got the go-ahead to start in July, I have felt nothing but delight in seeing everyone and diving back into vintage.  Extra appreciation to see live humans in person together again. Good to hug and laugh and share in what we all love so much. 

All 3 shows were fab and  I bought a lot.

I also set up my new corner called the Bitcoin Lounge.  I’ve spent 5 years learning about the Bitcoin space (and cryptocurrencies) and I KNOW there’s a TON of misinformation.  I want to make myself available if anyone has questions about it,  how it works, what’s the point etc.  I do not profit at all for this, but know people like us are interested in unique things.  It’s one of them and because I have done the research I can happily share what I know. 

We’re also able to accept it for payment, which makes Vintage Garage just a little cooler if that’s even possible. 😉

ALSO if you don’t give a ratz azz about Bitcoin, stop by and talk vintage with me, show me what you bought!  That’s obviously always my favorite subject. Look for the yellow banner and some cool folding chairs in the back corner! Pics of that too below! 

See my finds and market shots below and we’ll see you for the finale with a holiday twist on October 17th! 

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Vintage Halloween"
Vintage Halloween"
Dog's playing poker vintage dress"
Vintage pet portrait Chihuahua"
vintage medical xray "
Brach's vintage candy corn"
Bear Roomba"
2021 Vintage Garage Review
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