Vintage Garage Chicago Full Season dealer Donatella.

Maisie & Maude Vintage Shop

With a vintage shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Maisie & Maude always hit the Garage with a fresh mix of vintage.

Whether or not they bring painted furniture, vintage mirrors or antique furniture, depends on their finds of the month. I've seen everything from great pieces of art to vintage clothing to records.

See what they've scored for yourself by visiting them every month on the north wall of the Garage's the first floor.

Visit them on Facebook or their website.

Maisie and Maudie at the Vintage Garage with merchandise from their vintage shop. A selection from Maisie and Maude's vintage shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana Vintage shop of antique mirror, vintage mirrors each month at the vintage Garage. Vintage painted furniture at the Vintage Garage Chicago from their vintage shop in Indiana.

If you would like to sell vintage at the Garage, APPLY NOW. Vintage Garage Chicago flea market, located Uptown.