Vintage Garage Chicago Full Season dealer Donatella.

Handmade Goods

Christine Mitchell of Solola Handmade Goods, has been with the Vintage Garage from the beginning. She is one of the few non-vintage dealers you will find at the show each month. Solola specializes in handmade imported items from all over the world. Colorful jewelry and textiles are her specialty. You can find Solola each and every month this season on the first floor,  the last two spaces on the south wall.

Solola handmade at the Vintage Garage each and every month! Specializing in handmade goods Solola handmade at the Vintage Garage Chicago each and every month. Handmade jewelry and textiles If you would like to sell vintage at the Garage, APPLY NOW. Vintage Garage Chicago flea market, located Uptown.