Vintage Garage Chicago Full Season dealer Donatella.

Shytowngirl Vintage

Lisa Galvan, owner of  Shytowngirl Vintage, has been scouting the Chicagoland area for vintage treasures ever since she was a little girl. Lisa is very excited to be a full season vendor at Vintage Garage Chicago and to share the items she has found over the years! Shytowngirl Vintage specializes in items from the Mid Century. Each month Shytowngirl Vintage brings a wide variety of items for sale including mid-century furnishings, vintage jewelry, clothing, accessories, and mid-century housewares. When Shytowngirl Vintage is not at the Garage, they can be found in the Lincoln Antique Mall at booth number 55. Make sure to follow Shytowngirl Vintage on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see all of the new items they will be bringing to the Vintage Garage each month! Shytowngirl Vintage is located on the first floor of the garage along Broadway, just left of the main entrance! Hope to see you there! img_6396 Lisa's friends Norine and Gloria, her daughter Kimberly and herself at the Vintage Garage's July 2016 Rockabilly/Tiki Market. img_9277 Lisa's friend Andi and Kimberly modeling two of the hats Shytowngirl Vintage brought to the June 2016 Vintage Garage Market. IMG_2672 Kimberly, Lisa and Andi at the Vintage Garage Chicago's 1985 themed market in August 2015. IMG_5532 Some happy Shytowngirl Vintage customers from the 2015 Vintage Garage season! IMG_0215 Shytowngirl Vintage's housewares are separated by color! This was their red section at one of the Vintage Garage markets from the 2015  season. IMG_1093 Here's what you can expect to see at Shytowngirl Vintage's jewelry and accessory section! IMG_3385 Some pieces of mid century luggage that Shytowngirl Vintage brought to the Vintage Garage during the 2015 season! IMG_4798 A sampling of the types of housewares you can find at Shytowngirl Vintage! Here's some plastic measuring spoons, trays and cups amongst other pieces of mid century kitchenware at their booth. IMG_1923 A sampling of some of the vintage Christmas items Shytowngirl Vintage featured at the Vintage Garage's Holiday market in November 2015! img_7278 img_6992 The colors and patterns of the mid century vintage clothing Shytowngirl Vintage brings to the Vintage Garage each month.

Vintage Garage Chicago flea market, located Uptown.

            img_2040 img_9840 IMG_8300 The Shytowngirl Vintage hats, purses and jewelry display from the Vintage Garage 2016 season opener in April. IMG_7451 This is Fanny, Shytowngirl Vintage's hat and jewelry model that comes with them to every Vintage Garage market! If you would like to sell at the Garage, APPLY NOW.