Vintage Fathers Day Gifts

For vintage Father's Day gifts there is no better snapshot in time than the Sears catalog. In 1959 the merchandise was styled to the times and came with Good, Better and Best choices. The day after Fathers Day Dads would mill around the water cooler sizing each other up and gauging their families love as they displayed their newest accoutrements in clothing, jewelry or personal grooming they were awarded for Fathers Day.

The top 10 1959 Sears & Roebuck Tie Clip and Cuff Links Sets as Vintage Fathers Day gifts


Propellor Tie Clip & Radial Engine Cuff Links

Don't ever get on a plane with a propellor. They fall out of the sky every day. You don't ever hear anything because there's only 2 or 3 casualties.  And don't fall for that "It's a TURBO prop" nonsense, it's still a propellor. Unless your Dad is a Pilot. Well then, he knows the score, enjoy!

Bowling Ball and Pins Tie Clip & Cuff Links

Smart bowling lane tie clip in gold tone with enamel ball. Ball & Pins Cuff Links look Striking! We try to not draw attention to Dad's drinking night.

Fishing Rod Tie Clip and Leaping Fish Cuff Links
There's Fly fishing in Idaho and 12 packs at the quarry. Be honest.

Better Vintage Fathers Day Gifts

Ships Wheel Tie Clip with Anchor Cuff Links

These can appear pretentious so make sure Dad's boat is bigger than his car.

Golf Club Tie Clip with Club Head Cuff Links 

The cufflinks are a good reminder for Dad regarding ball and sweet spot placement.

Playing Card Suits Tie Clip with Bridge Hand Cuff Links.

Every Dad fancies himself a card shark. But Bridge is a foursome. Two teams of two. Your Mom & Dad against someone else's Mom & Dad. These needed to be Poker or Blackjack hands.



Still, no matter how well done the set is, everyone knows your family took no thought in this gift.

Musical Stuff 

For Dad's who Rock.


There were only 36 Dad names allowed in 1959.

Vintage Fathers Day Gifts
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