I'm not a music critic, I'm a serious Foo Fighters fan.

Us vintage lovers are passionate (obsessive) people and even have a few side hobbies. Of course, I'm always looking for vintage Foo Fighters stuff. 🙂 

At 38, I went to my first show at the Filmore in New York City, 500 tickets and I managed to snag one. As my husband was going out the door for work that morning, I told him, "I'm going to try and get a ticket!" He said "good luck with that".  When he called on his break I told him I was flying to New York alone. Walked to Union Square and saw the line of fans waiting for doors to open .  I'm thinking it's 500 people there can't be a bad seat, I'm getting a beer.  I walked into the bar next to the venue and before I knew it, I'm standing in a circle with Dave Grohl, Bones (a guy from Dave's Scream days, I'd met bones on the Foo dorks board), his son and a girl named Liz.  He was completely kind and genuine just like everyone says.  Clearly loves life and what he does.  He inspired me then.  He did what he loved and didn't stop until he made a living doing it and never considered anything else.

I'm a Superfan. When they play live I know when Dave is going to scream “here we GO”, when he whistles in Times Like These and I do it too because I want to be what he affectionately refers to as "the nerds".

Last night at age 48, I celebrated my 10 year Foo Anniversary with by far best show by Dave and crew I've seen.

The Metro is a great venue and as a Chicago business owner myself,  they always impress me with how smoothly things seem to go. Staff is always nice and or professional.  As much as I would love to be in the center of the crowd, you can be anywhere inside and the sound and sight lines are great. FF's played their first Chicago show there and usually end up there if they are coming through town. 

I expected the new single “Run” to be the opener and was looking forward to it.  

When they started to play, I'd like to believe I was one of less than 100 people in that room who knew “Aurora” was the opener.  An obscure song from the 3rd album.  I actually cried! ( Foo nerd happiness!)

I knew it would be good. They were playing for fun and that's when the Foo Fighters are at their absolute best.  I've been to smaller shows, Filmore 2007, Metro in 2012 and Cubby Bear 2015.  He committed to breaking the record for the longest show they'd ever played.

A few new songs were introduced, a good dose of the hits and some covers.  Then they played what they wanted.  It wasn't the-  "play the album from front to back" tiny show.

From Aurora, he went right into Run. I knew Run would be great live and happily banged my head through it all. It's also a song that means something to me. “Run for your life with me” means don't waste it, any of it and do it. Grohl means it.  


an immediate shift into “ All My Life”.   All My Life is what I wait for and when Dave screams some form of “ let's f*€%ing DANCE”  I do what he tells me.

I could have left right then and been thrilled.

I do what I love for a living too. I've listened to Dave talk about business, watch his SXSW keynote here. taking a full on break from what I love and head for my other love and with a ton of respect for the man who heads it. My head was clear of stress and any business thoughts for an entire night and it's still taking me away as I write. Ahhhh thanks.

More highlights include -

Drummer Taylor Hawkins sang 4 songs including a new one, Sunday Rain and I like it.  His song has always been “Cold Day in the Sun”.  Never been a fan. It's the - “give Dave’s voice a break” song.  I hope the new song replaces it because it's good.  Under Pressure and another cover that he was damn good in was at the end. Sorry I was tired.

3 vintage songs from the 1993 1st album self titled album.  Damn. Big Me, This is a Call and I’ll Stick Around.  

Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction and Lollapalooza founder,  joined for The Mountain song. Jane’s Addiction fans, don't miss the video it's good.  

Dave’s hair is always a subject of conversation among Foo Fans. He knows it, we know it.  No matter how dumb it is, so what, his hair was fantastic last night. Rock writers can't say that, ha.

Jim takes me to all these things. He wasn't and isn't a rabid fan but his respect for the band has grown over the years and his perspectives are great. He's paying attention and has grown to enjoy them. His absolute favorite part of any Foo Fighters show is Pat Smear.  

One of Jim’s highlights was Pat hugging Perry Farrell during the song and whacking Perry in the balls with his guitar.  He doubled over, but somehow managed to recover and finish the song without missing a beat.  He’s also happy Pat has turned to vaping instead of smoking.  He’s like to see him around a while 🙂

Foo Fighters Secret Show at Metro Chicago lollapalooza 2017 Dave Grohl and pat Smear August 4 at the Metro. Everlong, Aurora, a visit from Perry Farrell and More!
Super Nerd Foo Fighter fan review Foo Fighters Secret Show at Metro Chicago lollapalooza 2017 Dave Grohl Perry Farrell August 4 at the Metro.
Foo Fighters Fan Review Metro Chicago after show lollapalooza 2017 Dave Grohl and pat Smear August 4 at the Metro. Everlong, Aurora, a visit from Perry Farrell and More!
A Foo Fighters Fan Review – Metro Chicago Lollapalooza 2017
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