Vintage Shopping Tips

A few simple tips for collecting and shopping vintage! 

  • Collect what you love and enjoy
  • Use it, wear it, hang it on the wall don't hide it
  • Buy the best quality you can afford
  • What you are willing to pay might not be the price
  • NO damage. Condition, condition, condition
  • If it's made to be collectible, it's usually not
  • Don't be afraid to walk if it's not right
  •  When it's right, it's right, be ready.
  • If it sells on Ebay for X price, doesn't mean that's what it's worth
  • If it sells on 1st Dibs for X price, doesn't mean that's what it's worth
  • Understand your collection, demand (do people want it) and history
  • Don't tell a dealer you collect something, you love it then offer 1/2 the price
  • Know yourself (see example below)

Collecting vintage costume and silver jewelry is my thing.  I buy and sell it but I keep pieces I like to wear in my personal collection. All of my keepers are in excellent top condition.  I keep them safe and wear them for special occasions. I keep it all together in a jewelry box (surprise) to keep it safe.  Being a vintage seller, you don't want to mix up your personal and what's for sale.

I know myself. I won't fix something. I could, but I just won't. So unless it's a HUGE deal and just a clasp or something, I won't buy it because I won't fix it.  Some will buy and fix, you can get that at a better price.  When I say fix, I don't mean glue back a hunk of pottery.  Fix means, you can get it back to original or close to it.

I  curate my collections. I don't need 200 pairs of sunglasses.  At one point, I had that many.  The very best stayed AND the ones I enjoy wearing. Auctioned the rest.  I'm down to about 50 pairs but they are pairs that are rare, interesting OR I wear them.

Know if what you collect is plentiful. If so, then you MUST buy in the BEST condition possible. Like vinyl. I'm sure there are plenty of copies of Fleetwood Mac Rumors.  But don't buy one unless it's near mint.  There's enough that you will find one.  Same with many popular albums from the 1970's and 1980's.

Do you have your own rules for collecting?? Comment below!

Melissa 🙂