Vintage Garage Dealers Share Their Shopping Secrets  Hitting a vintage market or show can be intimidating at first. If you aren’t sure, chances are you won’t know how to make your first experience successful! We asked experienced Vintage Garage Chicago dealers and customers to share their must haves for great vintage shopping. vgc415 photo Backpack or Rolling Cart Wearing an empty backpack to a vintage market gives you a place to keep treasures while shopping for more and keeps hands free. If you plan to buy more than your back can handle, then a lightweight rolling cart is perfect. Cross Body Purse Vintage Garage shopper Pam Ellison offers, “It is better to keep the cash and your credit cards in a cross body purse. Your money is safe, close to your body and your hands are free for shopping.” Cash Both dealers and shoppers agree, cash is important. "Having cold hard cash means you are ready to bargain and serious," says Melissa Sands, founder of Vintage Garage. "Make sure you bring plenty and lots of small bills. This will help get the most vintage for your money.” Melissa adds, “It’s important to be prepared, if you are busy finding an ATM because the vendor doesn’t take credit cards, you are taking the chance of losing that must have piece.” Layers Being early to a market can mean cold temps in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. Sarah Emerick of Imaginary Girl Vintage offers, "It also helps to wear clothes and shoes that come on and off easily, so it's easy to try things on. Or just something fitted that you can try things on over." An early bird always gets the worm, so you must hit the market in the early hours. Vintage shopping can take the whole day which means you have to bear the cold wind in the morning and warmer temperature later in the day. It is better to wear clothes in layers that can be taken off easily. Measuring Tape Vintage Shopper Rache Baker recommends having one on you at all times. “A measuring tape is a lifesaver. If you see fancy a vintage table, how would you know whether it will fit in your dining hall?” Buying clothing at a vintage show can be a problem if no dressing room. You can measure pieces and know exactly what fits as long as you have your own measurements too. Magnification Vintage dealer Veronica Zielinski Staudt of Vintage Meet Modern says magnification and a small flashlight can be a lifesaver.  "A magnifying glass, a 10x jewelers loupe, or a pair of strong reading glasses will do the trick." About Vintage Promotions, LLC Vintage Promotions, LLC is operated by Melissa Sands of Vintage Promotions L.L.C.  Melissa has decades of experience as a dealer antiques and vintage and is still active in buying and selling along with promoting vintage shows.  Vintage Promotions operates Vintage Garage Chicago and Grand Rapids Antiques Market. Vintage Garage Chicago flea market, located Uptown.

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