12118758_755930741185790_2043104883092744292_nCHICAGO--Let's face it, Father's Day gifts are not always that exciting. A gift card or another neck tie seems to be the standard. This year you can stand out from the crowd and shop for dad at the all new Vintage Garage Chicago. A vintage Father's Day gift is the pinnacle of cool. Dads appreciate when you go the extra mile to find that special gift that adds to a collection, recalls a childhood memory or sets him apart from all the other dads. Better yet, a trip to Vintage Garage Chicago on Father's Day June 17 with dad could be an experience that lasts a lifetime. Here are ten ideas for Vintage Father's Day items dads will treasure.

  1. 1960's Spider Man comic book. What was your dad’s first comic?
  2. Rolling Stones album. Sure, iTunes works just fine, but there's just something about having the vinyl version. Hang it on the wall or let it spin!
  3. Vintage Christian Dior Tie.  Set yourself apart from all the new ties gifted with a vintage silk tie from Dior!
  4. 1970’s Ramones rock and roll T-shirt to bring back Dad's favorite concert memory.
  5. Original 1980's Atari game system. Video games have come a long way. Still, there's nothing like the Atari. Pac Man is still around for a reason.
  6. Vintage gold cuff links say "classy dad" to the other guys at work.
  7. Vintage golf clubs. There's nothing looks cooler on the wall in dad’s office then a putter from the 1930’s.
  8. Vintage Las Vegas poker chips. Start, or add to, a collection of gambling memorabilia with chips from Dad’s favorite Vegas hotels.
  9. Industrial metal tool box. There's nothing like them made today. They're sturdy and hold your most important bits and parts.
  10. Vintage Lionel trains. Replace his set from when he was a kid or add to the set he still has.

About Vintage Garage Chicago:  Vintage Garage Chicago will be held June thru October on the third Sunday of each month. The hours will be 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and the event will be held at 5051 Broadway, in Chicago between Argyle and Foster. Vintage Garage Chicago. Chicago's only all vintage market. Vintage Promotions, LLC also operates the Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show, held twice yearly in Grapevine, Texas. Melissa Sands also promotes the North Shore Flea in Highwood, Illinois. More information and a dealer application for Vintage Garage Chicago can be found at VintageGarage Chicago.

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