Day of Event Load-In & Load-Out Details

Please note, we have some special load-in and load-out rules for April and May.  Full space will keep their vehicles with them parallel parking in their space and set up in front of them. We ask you keep them with you. Half space instructions are below-


  • Load-in for full season dealers begins at 5:45 am. YOU WILL BE RECEIVING INSTRUCTIONS VIA EMAIL. 
  • Load-in for full spaces begins at 6:15 am. DO NOT COME BEFORE THIS. YOU WILL HAVE TO GET OUT OF LINE AND WON'T BE HAPPY.  
  • Load in for half spaces begins at 7:00 am. DO NOT COME BEFORE THIS. YOU WILL HAVE TO GET OUT OF LINE AND WON'T BE HAPPY.  
  • Special circumstances, we may give you a different time.  If that's you, we'll let you know.

Please line up at your appropriate time and no sooner.  Last month people lined up early and were not happy when they were pulled out of line.  For example, if you are a 1/2 space and you are in line at 6:30 you will be asked to leave the line until 7am.

No balances can be paid in line, pay ahead or you have to pull over come in and pay and get back in line. 

This brings me to something really important.  Rudeness.  This is a busy and tight day for everyone.  Load in IS stressful. Do not be rude, talk down to, or take on an attitude with any member of the staff OR your fellow vendors. Treat others how you expect to be treated.  This potential issue often occurs during load in or load out.  Again, this is only a one-day event.  Keep your cool.  

I guarantee you, we make mistakes.  We do our best.  We’ve put you in the wrong space, or something out of our control.  If it does, sorry we will work hard to fix it.  I still won't tolerate any attitudes or rudeness. Stuff happens. Packing up early, treating staff or customers badly is what ensures you never do the Garage again.  Preventable misery will not be tolerated. Sorry to be a downer there, but it needs to be said. 

If you have an issue, but know there isn't anything that can be done at that moment, do me a favor, email me Tuesday after the show and give me a run down on the situation.   If I can prevent it from happening again, I absolutely will.  

  •  Gates closed at 8:15am you must be inside. If you aren't there on time, you will have to unload from the street. If you need to remove your vehicle and park outside, it will need to be done so by 8:30 am.
  • The clearance for the Garage is 7ft.  This means a car, cargo van or truck of normal size should fit. A box truck or Sprinter will not.  If you need space as a vendor without a vehicle because it will not fit into the garage make sure that's on the application. It is IMPORTANT we know beforehand.
  • Spaces are rented with room for a vehicle up to 18 feet long. Each space is approximately 18x18.
  • Full space- We ask that you leave your car in your space. If you have 2 vehicles, one needs to stay in the space and one to the 4th or 5th floor.
  • If you have a full space and are using 2 vehicles - stagger your load in. 1 car into your space at a time! Pull one car in and unload first then move. When you are done, you need to either take one car out of the Garage permanently or park on the 4th or 5th(if room) before you bring in your 2nd vehicle.
  • There is NO unloading from the aisle.  We have to keep the aisles open at all times in case of emergency and for the fire code.  Having moving cars and people in such close quarters is dangerous.  The steps we have to take may seem inconvenient, but we have to let the law and safety rule.
  • If you are in a half space, you can back into your space, unload and then move vehicle to the 4th floor OR you can park on the 4th floor and load into your space using one of our carts from there.  
  • Parallel park in your space. The show looks much better this way.  It will give us wider view of merchandise. If your vehicle is larger, let me know so we can get you in a little earlier.  Again, in APRIL AND MAY, YOU MUST KEEP YOUR VEHICLE WITH YOU.

LOAD-OUT  FOR APRIL AND MAY YOU CAN'T MOVE YOUR VEHICLE WITHOUT A SIGN OFF You will get a sign off sheet when you pull in in the morning. 

  • Packing your booth up begins at 5:00 pm. NOT A MINUTE EARLIER.
  • NO VEHICLES WILL MOVE BEFORE 5:15 PM. non-negotiable. Customer can still be walking around and we can't afford to get sued and neither can you. It's a one day show; you can be patient. We have police officers monitoring load out and they can ticket. 
  • (APRIL AND MAY ONLY)At load in, you will receive a piece of paper that must be signed and then put in your windshield in order to move your car at load out.  In order to get that signed off, you will have to get the person in charge of your floor.  They will come, make sure you are consolidated and packed AND that you've not left any garbage behind in your space.  Everything that comes in with  you must go out.   When all is good, he'll sign and send you to get your car.
  • For load-out, you must pack up into ONE of your spaces and pull your vehicle into the empty space to load. NO cars sitting in the aisle. If you have a trailer and it blocks the aisle you'll have to wait for your neighbors to leave before you can pull it over.
  • Half space vendors must condense and pack with their merchandise as close to the wall as possible. When you bring your vehicle around, you can back into your space or you can borrow a cart and take your stuff to your vehicle.
  • Make sure any merchandise is pulled back and secure at 5:00 pm.  We are not responsible for damage to merchandise.
  • If you have a trailer OR are in a position where you can't pull into your space, WAIT. Take this time to condense and pack. I know we are all ready to get home at the end of the day, but it goes more smoothly if you are patient. You have to have enough space so you aren't in the aisle.  If that means waiting for quicker vendors around you to leave do it. 


  •  NOT POSSIBLE to have electricity in your booth. However, there is florescent lighting in the Garage. This was made to be a garage not a show. So we have to use what we have.  Bringing battery lighting can be a good option. 
  • We assign spaces ahead of the show, assignments are given at the gate.
  • Booth fees are $175 for the day. If paid by the Thursday by 12:00 pm. Tables are $10 if ordered and paid for by noon on the Thursday before the show.  If we have any available on site they are $15 and must be picked up near the glass office.
  • 1/2 spaces are $125 for the season if paid before Thursday of the show by 12:00.  All 1/2 spaces are on the second floor on the south side of the Garage. This is subject to change.
  • Bring a cooler with drinks and snacks.  The Broadway and Argyle area has a large string of Asian restaurants within a block of the Garage. There's also a Duncan Donuts within walking distance for coffee. 
  • There are Porta Potties and hand wash station in the north lot connected to Garage. They are delivered at 6:00 am the day of the show so they clean and tolerable.
  • Dress warm!! The Garage can get cold. Layers are good, especially on your feet. even if the weather is good the AM is cold. 
  • Once load-in is done, no vehicles move in the Garage for any reason. Vehicles can move after 5:15 pm.
  • DO NOT leave unwanted merchandise or garbage behind. We have dumpsters on site but they are small and have to be picked up each month.  We have maps, and we know who you are. If you do it,  you won't be asked back.  Leave your space exactly how you found it.  Your load out sheet won’t be signed if we see garbage.
  • If you have a particular space you want to be in each month, you will need to make a deposit in order to keep it.  Make it by 6pm the day of the show. With no deposit, that space is up for grabs immediately. 
  • Without deposits it's hard to pay for everything to make this show happen each month: marketing, permits, insurance rent, etc. We have to work together to keep the Garage going for all of us.

Please spread the word to your customers and direct them to the Vintage Garage website or our Facebook page.

Mecca Perry is the head of operations. Send an email to mecca (@) or text 312-505-6373



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