Vintage Audio

Vintage Garage Chicago Full Season dealer. Duane and Wendy of Starburst Audio join the 2016 season of the Vintage Garage. When we first met, their only product was this AWESOME little speaker you could plug your smartphone into. It has a great vintage audio vibe and the hi-fi sound is amazing. You'll still see these cool pieces this year, but Duane and Wendy have upped their game and will be full season dealers during the 2016 Garage. They are hunting down great vintage audio and music stuff along with vintage menswear and whatever else catches their eye that they think you'd like! Visit Starburst Audio on Vintage Garage's first floor each month, as well as on their website, Facebook, or Etsy.  Vintage Audio vintage audio Starburst Audio Pierre Cardin Shirt at the Vintage Garage Chicago Wendy and duane of Starburst Audio at the Vintage Garage Chicago If you would like to sell vintage at the Garage, APPLY NOW. Vintage Garage Chicago flea market, located Uptown.