Vintage Garage Chicago Full Season dealer Donatella.

Reasons to be a Full Season Dealer

  1. Vintage dealers sell more and build a customer base by being at every show. Customers know where to look for you.
  2. The price is $995 for the season. This is a savings of $230.
  3. You get your pick of premium space for the season. Only after the full season dealers have chosen their spaces will others be placed.
  4. Table rent is $8 vs. $10 each.
  5. Get their own webpage on the Vintage Garage website and you will have access to update it yourself as often as you'd like.
  6. Check out the pages of full-season dealers Donatella, Audio Archeology and MacDuff's Hole in the Wall. In 2017 we had 22 full season.
  7. The full season dealer rate includes all 7 shows, April through October.

Donatella and Karyn Dethrow at Vintage Garage Chicago.

There are no refunds if you miss a show. There is no subletting or sharing. One vendor per space. 

$995 - Mail in fee, Chase Quick Pay, and  Paypal can be used via friends and family or if paying with a credit card, the price is 1025.00.  Message me if you'd like to arrange payment options:

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