Vintage Garage Chicago Full Season dealer Donatella.

Reasons to be a Full Season Dealer in Evanston 2020

  1. Vintage dealers sell more and build a customer base by being at every show. Customers know where to look for you.
  2. The price is $475 and corners are free.
  3. You get your pick of premium space for the season. Only after the full season dealers have chosen their spaces will others be placed.
  4. The full season dealer rate is for all 3 shows, May 17, July 19 and September 20, 2020.
  5. Early load in for the whole season.
  6. 6 foot tables are $10

Donatella and Karyn Dethrow at Vintage Garage Chicago.

There are no refunds if you miss a show. There is no subletting or sharing. One vendor per space. 

$475 Chase Quick Pay (email address to use is in the application) and  Paypal can be used via friends and family.

Apply Now

After you hit submit, you can pay via Paypal as instructed above or Chase Quick pay using the email you'll see in the application. You can add on your tables too!

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