Who are we?

Melissa and Jim Sands. Vintage dealers, market owners and collectors.

How did we get here?

Comics created our vintage business.  It started with Jim.   Comic books were the cornerstone of Jim's childhood.  He can tell you every comic he ever bought or received starting with his Spiderman obsession at 7 years old.  He went on to be a dealer of comics and cards in the late 80s and 90's.  He still has the first book he ever bought with his own money, Spiderman 20.

We decided to sell off his remaining inventory to put a down payment on our first house in 1999.

We enjoyed selling on eBay

The action of it, the countdown 'til the last second.

When a guy drove from New Jersey to pick up the last boxes of comics we were sad it was over. We met so many people learned so many things along the way and online.

The vintage business was born. I started searching and sold anything I could ship and make a buck on.  Vintage is collectible and sought after.  I had a lot to learn but I did and became quite good.  Jim was working full-time in Detroit. I started the vintage business from home and we had two babies (now teens), Madeline, and Luke. It enabled me to stay home with them when they were little and gave me the ultimate flexibility.

After 10 years we decided to try shows.

It was about Ebay not being the same, a new revenue stream and the social part. Getting to know people who love what we love and do what we do. Around this time,  we also made the move to Chicago.

The Vintage Garage Chicago  was serendipitous.  We met the owner and he decided to take a chance and let us put together a once a month show for those of us who love anything old.  A place to meet to buy and sell.  I thought Chicago could support it's own Garage like New York city's (now closed) Antiques Garage that was a staple of the vintage scene for years.  It definitely inspired it.

Not everything can happen online.

We all still want to touch, feel things, try things on, talk to people like you, who are into the same things you are.

Vintage has a story.  A past to be shared.  The quality the nostalgia, we knew there needed to be a place to share this in Chicago.

Vintage Business

We hope to connect with who wish to learn more about the business of vintage.  If that interests you, join my business of vintage list.  Jim still sells comics and vinyl. It's always been about the story and the art for him.  For me, my favorite has always been jewelry.  We never quit learning new stuff. it never ceases to be interesting, surprising and sometimes amazing. Our Business of Vintage website is now up and you can join us there, or join us on the Business of Vintage Facebook Page.

Vintage Garage Chicago does the #MuseumHack Tour at the Art Institute of Chicago
Vintage Garage Chicago Vintage promotions, Sands family. Buying antiques, estates and vintage.
Vintage Garage does #MuseumHack tour at the Chicago Art Institute.  The ultimate antique and vintage adventure!