Vintage Garage Style Ride CHICAGO--Vintage Garage Chicago has released its list of ten items that are better the second time around. The new market is launching June 18 in a parking garage in the Uptown neighborhood. "Buying vintage supports the local economy, it's sustainable, and in many cases vintage things are just better," says promoter Melissa Sands. "We've decided to spotlight just a few." The list of ten things better in vintage includes: 10. Dishes - Retro dishes can make the dinner party. Whether from an old hotel or just another era, they'll be the topic of conversation. 9. Formal Wear - First, it's not something you use all the time. Second, it will be better not to look exactly like every other penguin. 8. Toys - They'll use them for a couple months, then 30 years go by and they start collecting them. 7. Furniture - This is a great time to buy antiques. Furniture prices are down. It's most often much better quality than new furniture, where even if there is wood, it's new wood that doesn't hold the finish well. 6. Kids clothing - They're going to outgrow it anyway. 5. Bicycles - The older ones are often better, can cost less and the variety to choose from is greater. A selection of restored American Schwinn's will be available at Vintage Garage Chicago. 4. Diamonds - You get more rock for your coin. 3. Cast Iron Skillets - You've got to break them in anyway, and that's a lot of work. Cast iron is forever and it's much better when it's not new. 2. Converse Shoes - They haven't been made in the U.S. since 2001. 1. Waffle Iron - The quality just isn't there anymore. The hinges are plastic and often break. If they have a cast-iron plate, the longer they've been used, the better. It may be wise to purchase a new cord. About Vintage Garage Chicago: Vintage Garage Chicago will be held June thru October on the third Sunday of each month. The hours will be 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and the event will be held at 5051 Broadway, in Chicago between Argyle and Foster. Vintage Promotions, LLC also operates the Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show, held twice yearly in Grapevine, Texas. Melissa Sands also promotes the North Shore Flea in Highwood, Illinois. More information and a dealer application for Vintage Garage Chicago can be found at Vintage Garage Chicago. Chicago's only all vintage market.