Buying VintageTips On Buying Vintage

Did you know that buying vintage is more affordable than comparable new goods? Did you know it holds it's value? Finally, did you know many vintage items are made with better quality than anything you can purchase today? Until 1990, many items were still being produced in the United States and Europe. Since then, the majority has moved production into Asia. Clothing and furniture are excellent examples of this. The solid wood chair, couch, table or dining sets of yesterday have become scarce and are costly, if purchased new. Vintage pieces provide the best quality for the best price. Vintage clothing that was made in the US or Europe has stood the test of time and will for years to come. Across the board, construction is better and if taken care of, you can get a little money back if you decide to part with it. Pieces that are well taken care of can also become treasures for someone else down the line. If you're interested in buying vintage, here are some basics tips:

  • Buy the best you can afford.
  • Stay away from damaged goods.
  •  Don't be impulsive, but know when to pull the trigger.
  • Get to know vendors, they love to hunt for special things and personal relationships get the best prices.
  • Know your measurements. Whether it's clothes size or furniture dimensions to fit up your stairs.

Vintage Garage Chicago flea market, located Uptown.