Antiques Roadshow Appraisals

People have watched the Antiques Roadshow for years.  It generates a lot of excitement of possible million dollar finds in your basement or attic.

What you don't see is the thousands of pieces that need to come in to find that one piece to make it on TV.  Every season, PBS goes through thousands of people and pieces of normal stuff.

The majority of us are normal average people who have normal average stuff.  This doesn't mean everything you own is worthless.  It just means to keep your expectations in check and know the chances of it being worth zillions are slim.  You never know so before you throw anything away, don't hesitate to check with someone.  We're happy to give an opinion of what you have and what to do with it!  Drop us an email at hey(@)

The city of Chicago is so rich and full with history and amazing objects.  Don't hesitate to show us!

Vintage Garage Chicago flea market, located Uptown.