Andrew of A Curated Cave is a perfect addition to our team of vendors.  He fits right in and it's like he's been here from the very beginning.  He has a great eye! Midcentury, unique items any sort of fabulous antique, vintage and midcentury barware.

Cocktail sets, midcentury barware sets, Culver is a favorite of his and so much more!  He loves 40's, 50's and 60's and has a great eye.


a Curated Cave at Vintage Garage Chicago and Chirp Record Fair

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Culver gold decorated bar glass from a Curated Cave at Vintage Garage Chicago.
Gold encrusted and Red glasses glassware from a Curated Cave At Vintage Garage Chicago!
A Curated Cave specializes in Midcentury modern Barware at the Vintage Garage Chicago. Great Iridescent cocktail set.