Vintage Garage celebrates 1986!

Vintage Garage celebrates the 1980's!  If you were born in 1986 you won't remember, but if you graduated High School in the 1980's you can't forget. Madonna was hot. Van Halen was huge. Our 80's theme give us an era to highlight.  The outfits you would see (shoulder pads) and great 80's music, Madonna, Prince, English bands. Our resident vinyl spinning DJ promises a huge variety of 80’s classics. "Being a teenager in the 1980’s alway makes the August show my favorite, " Vintage Garage owner Melissa Sands says. "Now if I could just get all my friends from high school to show up, the day would be perfect!"   Vintage Garage Chicago celebrates 1986 The Vintage Garage has all the vintage you can handle, not just the 80's. All categories are represented, with 100 vendors each month.  This all vintage flea market in Chicago rocks! Vintage Garage Chicago flea market, located Uptown.