There's something about the patterns, details and materials that go into vintage wallpaper.  It truly is a chapter in Decorative Arts.

The English and French influenced American walls. Wall paper became a big part of this influence.  Of course the wealthy started the decorating of walls.  Murals, tapestries and then, paper for walls.

The Victorians loved wallpaper. Through the 1870's and 1880's the more intricate and fancier the better.  That began the height of  popularity of wall paper in the United States.

Flocked, floral, architectural, landscape or scenes.  Art Deco, Midcentury, baroque, pillars and columns. 1960's were big on Baroque and 1970's were big on geometrics.

One wall of the perfect vintage paper can be all it takes to make a standout room.

I found a great wallpaper sample book from Lenox Wallpaper Corporation, 402 West 25th Street, New York, New York. It is from the late 1930's to early 1940's.  This would have been located in the Chelsea neighborhood.   Their business name was filed in 1936. I've included all the wallpaper images from the book, enjoy!

The last wall paper images are from rolls i have acquired.  The bottom 4 are all 1950's wall paper.  Flocked, guest bathroom and boy's bedroom.

I will add more wall paper samples to the page as I acquire them.


PS- I found a couple of cool sites that offer vintage wallpapers.  I haven't purchased anything from any of them and those are at the bottom along with some research sites as well!

Lenox Wallpaper sample catalog cover vintage wall paper

French Baroque wall paper wallpaper from lenox Wall paper corporation.Vintage 1940's deer wall paper. Vintage wall paper that has its gorgeous stamped pattern. Vintage wallpaper from a wall paper sample catalog. 1940's ship sea wall paper. Vintage game room wallpaper from the 1940's. Wall paper featuring vintage cocktails, dice and old school art deco match books. Wall paper sample catalog 1940'sVintage wall paper asian inspired pink wall paper. 1940's era.Vintage wall paper, pink floral pattern. From a 1940's wall paper sample book.Vintage equestrian wall paper from a 1940's sample book.

vintage wallpaper 1950's blue flocked wall paper
1950's blue flocked wallpaper
The perfect vintage wall paper for the 1950's Guest bathroom
1950's guest bathroom wallpaper
Boy's bedroom 1950's wallpaper with rocket ships, scuba divers and race cars
1950's boys bedroom vintage wallpaper

1950's flocked printed living room wallpaper


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