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CHICAGO-  If you’re looking to liven up your office holiday party this year, look no further than Vintage Garage Holiday Market on November 15,  for your holiday themed items!

Vintage Promotions, has compiled a list of five sizzling office party themes.

  • Decades Holiday Party: Pick a pack of decades like 50’s & 60’s or 80’s and 90’s. It makes it easier to find costumes if you can cross the line between decades.
  • 1980’s and 1990’s Holiday Movies Party: Home Alone, Die Hard, Gremlins, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and for fun, throw in a prize for the guest who most emulates a character from one of your chosen holiday favorites.   Think Uncle Eddie in his best holiday dickie.
  • Classic Cocktails Party: Build a holiday party around Rob Roys, Gin n’ Tonic, Champagne Cocktails and/or Brandy Alexanders. Dress the part and have an elegant boozy vintage time.
  • Vintage Pot Luck Party: Everyone brings a dish in their very best multi-colored vintage Pyrex. Exchange vintage aprons and kitchen-kitsch gifts. Drink from great vintage glassware and eat from your favorite vintage china!
  • Mad Men Office Party: Spike the punch, get out the old typewriters and tight sweaters cause the 1960’s office party is a perfect theme for this year’s party.

The Vintage Garage Holiday Trunk Market will be held from 11am to 5pm at the Vintage Garage location at 5051 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640.  More information is available at

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