UPTOWN CHICAGO–Vintage Garage Chicago, the event that has marked a summer of vintage in the city’s Uptown neighborhood, is looking to the fall with its list of the top ten trends in vintage.

“If it could be a category in itself, the biggest fall trend may be vintage itself,” says show producer Melissa Sands of Vintage Promotions, LLC. “America is rediscovering vintage because its green, sustainable, affordable and provides a unique look. Plus it’s just a lot of fun.”
The top ten fashion trends for the fall are:

  1. Plaid skirts: Classic school girl is always hot and this Fall is no exception. Whether it’s a mini or knee length it’s the perfect piece to rock that vintage look for this season.
  2. Vintage sweaters: With skinny jeans for a football game, a vintage cardigan can complete your look!
  3. Vintage Oxfords: 1950’s oxfords will look great with that vintage plaid skirt or jeans!
  4. Vintage bracelets: Bracelets are back, bangles, cuffs and metal. Stack them, the more the merrier.
  5. 1950’s sunglasses: Vintage sunglasses have such style at any time of the year and will finish off the vintage look.
  6. Vintage baseball jackets: It’s the vintage American high school look and the real vintage jackets are much more solidly made and most likely less expensive to acquire. Perfect for the game or sling it over your shoulders with a dress.
  7. Vintage boots: Ankle or thigh high, no in between
  8. 1980’s skinny bright colors or print jeans: The late 1980’s and early 1990’s was amazing for printed skinny jeans and they look great with a solid top and a cool leather jacket. Or go for great pops of color with bright solid colored jeans.
  9. Femininity: Ruffled collars, frilly and hourglass dresses
  10. Big vintage brooches: Also groups of smalls pins all together make an updated vintage look.

About Vintage Garage Chicago:
Vintage Garage Chicago will be held June thru October on the third Sunday of each month. The hours will be 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. and the event will be held at 5051 Broadway, in Chicago between Argyle and Foster. Admission is $3. Vintage Promotions, LLC also operates the Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show, held twice yearly in Grapevine, Texas and Vintage 20th Century. More information and a dealer application for Vintage Garage Chicago can be found at www.vintagegaragechicago.com

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