Selling vintage jewelry at the Vintage Garage ChicagoSelling Vintage: No Fuss, No Muss

With increasing numbers of channels available for selling vintage goods, dealers are relishing the "back to basics" approach of Vintage Garage Chicago. Light on frills, the venue prides itself in providing an affordable space for vendors, as well as easy access to vintage for the lively Uptown neighborhood. At $3, the admission price is also the lowest of any vintage market in the city.

"I've done a lot of shows in Chicago," says dealer Sarah Azzouzi. "I see a lot of new faces at the Garage." Azzouzi also says those new customers are hearing about the show from their friends.

"There's been a lot of talk around town," she says.

With two years and dozens of shows under their belt, Robyn Witt and Joe Moore of Take 2 Vintage agree. They say Vintage Garage Chicago is opening up the vintage world to a whole new group of people who may not have even known there was a vintage scene.

For a look at the people discovering the Vintage Garage, promoter Melissa Sands of Vintage Promotions, LLC says you need to look no further than the Facebook page. A "really cool dress," an "airplane necklace," a "Hawaiian wrap skirt," and taxidermied toads playing musical instruments are just a few of the items fans recently boasted of finding.

Held in a parking garage near the Argyle stop off Chicago's CTA Red Line, Vintage Garage Chicago is easily accessible to vintage fans throughout the city and nearby areas. Many vintage shoppers also travel on foot and bicycle, taking advantage of the bicycle racks provided on site.

For dealers, the parking garage facility means they are able to pull in, unload and sell. "It couldn't be easier," Azzouzi says. Witt says it allows dealers to focus on set-up rather than time consuming things like moving cars around.

"It's the easiest set-up we've had," Witt adds.

For a dealer, having affordable space, easy set-up and a good crowd is everything you need in a show. "You don't need a lot of fuss," Azzouzi says.

"This show is about not losing sight of what we're all here to do: sell vintage," Witt says. "It's a show for vintage lovers who don't have the time to go out and look for the good stuff themselves."

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Vintage Garage Chicago is a Chicago flea market on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
Vintage Garage Chicago is a Chicago flea market on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
Vintage Garage Chicago Flea Market Vintage Clothing and shopping. July is all about vintage fashion!
Dealers Celebrate Back to Basic Approach at Vintage Garage Chicago