Another season of Vintage Garage Chicago has flown by

It flew so fast and we are so grateful.

October 16 is season finale of our FIFTH SEASON! More vintage treasure was hunted than any season so far!

2016 brought great write ups from bloggers like, Ruby Spencer and Christina of  (<--definitely check them out)

We were invited on Bootstrapping in America, and New City featured us in a great piece. We are honored.  

WGN featured us in their pilot episode of SEE Chicago. Taking viewers to cool and little known places in the city!  

Vintage Halloween galore, I promise
Vintage Halloween galore!

October 16, expect extra vinyl, vintage Halloween.  All categories will be there.  Furniture, vintage clothing (vintage coats!!), jewelry, decor, guy stuff and believe me, so much more.  We expect it to be one of the biggest shows of the year. Appraisals from 12-4PM.

24 dealers committed to sell the entire season in 2016. You could count on finding them in the same spot with fresh loot every month. Your colorful personalities and the remarkable vintage you bring, turns this gray, city parking garage into a vintage fantasy.Creative dealers with excellent taste AND social media skills I couldn't ask for a better core group. I'm grateful.   

You believed in us enough to make that commitment every market.  Your solid presence and smiles each month (I know all of you smiled at least once during the day, even if you hadn't had your coffee yet.  You are glorious to work with and your vintage goods aren't so bad either!  

To the vendors who have sold, even once, thank you.  We have such a huge group of regular rotating vendors who add color and fresh to the market vintage each month.  You really bring it. 

To our shoppers who are as passionate about vintage as we are, thank you. It's so cool you choose us for your 3rd Sunday plans. You are a remarkable group.  You shop your hearts out and keep dealers coming back for more!  

October 16 is the season finale. Click here if you want to sell! We welcome new vendors. 

If you haven't joined our Customer and Vendor Facebook group, you should.  It's a great place if you are looking for that certain something at the next show. We also love to show off our #fridayfinds!

Thank YOU for being Vintage Garage Chicago.

Check out some of our favorite pics from the season-- 


Melissa, Jim & Crew

Biggest line and show ever at the Vintage Garage Chicago Uptown.
Biggest Garage line ever! It went super fast.

Crowd shot at the Vintage Garage Chicago flea market.

Vintage greeting card cabinet at the Vintage Garage.
One of my favorite things I saw this season. Still mad I didn't buy.
Awesome customers, well dressed and hands full!
Awesome customers, well dressed and hands full!
Great Midcentury modern at the Vintage Garage Chicago flea market, every month--
Great Mid MOD
2017 Flea market schedule at the Vintage Garage Chicago.
Marin looking great!
Bunny & Rita full season dealers at the Vintage Garage
Bunny and Rita caught!
Bobbi and Richard at the Vintage Garage Chicago
Richard & Bobbi part of the VGC Crew
vintage Garage Chicago season finale
More of our crew, Lito, Mecca and Jordan.


Vintage Garage Chicago is a Chicago flea market on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
Vintage Garage Chicago is a Chicago flea market on the 3rd Sunday of the month.
Vintage Garage Chicago Flea Market Vintage Clothing and shopping. July is all about vintage fashion!
It went so fast…