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Re-imagining – Paul and John’s Update

John & Paul

Nice of John to give us an update on his piece and a peek at his shelves of things to become something else. Unless he changes his mind again, we will be seeing his curbside find turned into an industrial show piece this Sunday at the Vintage Garage Opener. We're sure Paul is working feverishly on his vintage project and will be surprising us Sunday as well.

Most vintage vendors simply re-sell things they find. Other's take it a step further and improve or re-imagine what they find. Some do both. John Sonnenfeldt of Luminology and Paul Degan of Collectors Agency are such vendors. Or as Garage regulars know them "the guys in the corner, at the top of the ramp".

Can't wait to see the finished, new but vintage project! Here's Paul below and John below him--

Re-imagining – Paul and John’s Update