Pink Astilbe Vintage

Joanne of Pink Astilbe Vintage is a frequent seller at Vintage Garage Chicago where she brings jewelry and other vintage and her excellent husband Michael brings his homemade honey in the summer months.

 We are excited to have her at the Chicago Vintage Clothing & Jewelry Show at the end of February.  

Her interest and passion for vintage shines.  We often share great conversion about jewelry and recently Juliana jewelry. Juliana jewelry is beautiful but always unsigned. There are ways the pieces were made that give away their true origin which is actually a company called Delizza & Elster. They create beautiful pieces for other companies too.  Juliana Jewelry is widely collected and a fascinating subject. 

Research is a great part of vintage.  Learning the history, the designers, the stories makes collecting exciting! Along with the quality, pieces can stand test of time and can still be worn and enjoyed. 

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