Vintage Garage Chicago

It’s Peggy and Perfect!

Dear Melissa,

I was so excited to get this dress from vendors BrownCowVintage & Bolted Vintage from Milwaukee at the Vintage Garage this month!

Mad Men is my favorite show and I've watched all of the episodes countless times, I knew this was a Peggy dress and went home to figure out which episode. Scanned through season 7 and found it in episode 6, Peggy wears it when she presents her ideas for Burger Chef.

I love the Garage so much! I actually lived on Argyle Street when you first started up years ago and have been coming since then. I can't tell you how many things I've found from chairs to art, clothing, books & dishes. You are my favorite place to shop. I've even emailed my whole office about the garage & we've taken a few field trips.

Thanks so much for bringing such awesome stuff to Chicago!

Dear Jen,
This is the coolest thing!! I'm so excited you came and found!  Thank you so much for finding us. 
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