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September 18, 10-5. All the vintage you can handle!

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1930's Matchbook from the Hotel Sherman in Chicago

Chicago Vintage. What is it?

September 18 is Chicago Vintage at the Garage. What does Vintage Chicago even mean? Anything made in Chicago, has a Chicago vibe to it, is about Chicago, or says Chicago on it! Every 3rd Sunday our vendors bring items in ALL categories. Every month we also have an added bonus theme. That means in

Vintage Garage Chicago, how to buy the best vintage 50 tips. 5051 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60040

Vinyl is back on October 16.

Season Finale of the Vintage Garage 2016 is all about music and vinyl! The cover art. The classic music. The distinctive sound. Vinyl is back! Serious music lovers look for the sound that only vinyl can produce. While you can find vinyl at the Garage every month, we offer up

Vintage Garage Holiday market November 15

Holiday Market November 20

Vintage Garage Holiday Market Vintage Holiday Market “Tom Skilling says it’s going to be an El Nina year, which hopefully means a mild fall/winter in Chicago.” says Melissa Sands, founder of Vintage Garage Chicago. “We’ll be dry and dress warm. Vintage holiday shopping at the Garage won’t be a problem.” The Garage

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