Vintage Garage Chicago May 21

Midcentury modern is the extra bonus this month!

Tickets on sale now!

Vintage Garage Chicago 2017 schedule. April 8 with the Chirp Radio Chirp Record Fair. Season Opener April 23, Midcentury Modern May 21, Vinyl & Father's Day June 18, Rockabilly and Vintage Clothing July 16, August 20 Vintage Wedding, Vintage Retro Chicago September 17, Season Finale October 15

Got Great Vintage?

Sell at our May 21st show!

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2017 Vintage Garage Schedule

2017 Schedule

Get May 21 Tickets Now! 2017 Flea Market Schedule The Vintage Garage is back!  Here is the 2017 Flea Market schedule- May 21 is up next with Midcentury Modern as the bonus.  That doesn't mean you won't see all your favorite kinds of vintage.  May is the month dealers save...

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