Vintage Garage Chicago

Jims pick, Record Players from Audio Archeology

Audio Archeology always brings interesting vintage Record Players and Hi-Fi's.

He surprised me at the Vintage Garage season opener with the Audio Visual Instruments Schoolroom record player. Big and boxy with a huge front grille it has an Industrial look but, the coat of Mint Green warms it up. I could immediately hear the tone giving the cue to go to the next slide, followed by the chunk-ker-chunk of the carousel removing one slide and inserting the next. Before you know it, I'm back in Drivers Training enjoying the presentation of "Flesh, Metal and Glass!".

Audio Archeology brings a solid supply of vintage vinyl, record players AND provides a great vibe with his music on the first floor. 

You can visit John every month at the Vintage Garage or at his own shop at Devon and Wayne in Edgewater! 

Jims pick, Record Players from Audio Archeology