Collecting vintage Christmas is hot across the board.  Vintage Christmas cards are coming up in the collecting world.  Affordable, fun to hunt.  Little pieces of art and nostalgia.

At first, it wasn't cheap. They were luxurious and clearly a sign of wealth and power.

Millions of greeting cards have been made over the past 100 years.  Your choices are endless.  Every holiday, birthday, emotion, occasion, illness comes with a card.  They are purchased to be given and written in, stamped and sent.

Cards were decorated by artists and could also be made "prettier" by adding lace, foil and glitter. Cards could become other things, like a Christmas ornament or toy, origami.   Perfect for use in crafts and vintage decorating.

Unless they have value.

Many are worth little to nothing.  Use these in your projects.

Many are worth something.  So the key is, find what's in demand and why.

One of the easiest ways to find out what's in demand is Ebay. Search vintage Christmas car, then refine to search by highest price AND items that are sold.  What's selling the highest and what's the common denominator?

Here's what I found

German die cut greeting cards are at the top.
Certain American makers Raphael Tuck
Artists created cards like Warhol
Historical significance
Signed or from someone famous
Midcentury Christmas cards


Condition is everything. paper is fragile.
Unsigned/unused cards should bring a premium.
Cards were saved in scrapbooks. If you pull them out, because careful about the glue and paper remnants.
Keep out of sun and moisture.


A great, straight to the point article on collecting cards. 
Collecting Victorian Cards
My favorite site on collecting vintage Christmas- Golden Glow

The Vintage Garage Holiday Market is November 20th!

Vintage Garage Chicago vintage greeting card. 1960's foil.
Boogie Woogie Santa
Reindeer around a Christmas tree glitter greeting card. Cool Mid-Century card.
Reindeer around a Christmas tree glitter greeting card.

Vintage Christmas angels greeting card.
Angels vintage greeting card



Collecting Vintage Christmas Cards
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