Chicago Estates

Chicago estates are the primary source for vintage merchandise in Chicago. Whether you like to hit the thrift or the weekend flea market, chances are that merchandise came from one of many Chicago estates.


When liquidating an estate, one of the first steps heirs often take is the boxing and bagging of items for donation. With charities willing to send a truck to any estate in Chicago or using a local drop off box, it's an easy first move. Some people are just trying to move on and have no concern of the possible re-sale value in vintage items. This is one way good things get to the thrift. If you are going to the flea market for vintage, you're buying from people who either beat you to it at the thrift store or were at the estate sale. Either way, someone has added their cost to your item.

Buying from estate sales (the source) is your best value. Buying from the estate is also like buying from a cohesive collection. Chicago estate sales are year round but, much more plentiful during the summer months. There are many reputable estate sale companies in the Chicago area. Many develop a loyal following. EstateSales is a great tool for tracking Chicago estate sales. It shows sales in your area and allows a peek at items available at the estate sale.

The Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show will take place October 4, 3pm to 8pm, October 5, 2019. 10am to 5pm at 5649 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60660. St. Andrews Greek Orthodox Church at the corner of Hollywood and N. Sheridan Road. The official website is